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Summerville, South Carolina  
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The Westvaco Development Corporation began constructing homes in 1975 on a tract of land off Trolley Road in Summerville, South Carolina.  The construction was completed in three phases over several years.  Section One was dated February, 1975, Section Two was dated May, 1976 and Section Three was dated March, 1977.

The Westvaco Development Corporation established a set of covenants for the homeowners and all homeowners were required to comply with these covenants.
All lots shall be used for residential purposes only, and no structure is allowed to be erected, placed, altered or permitted to remain on any lot other than one single-family dwelling, not more than two and one half stories in height, and any accessory structures customarily incident to the residential use of such lots. 

On July 6, 1977, an Eleemosynary Corporation named the Briarwood Civic Association was chartered by the Secretary of State.

In 1981, the Briarwood Civic Association was appointed the official successor of the Westvaco Developer.  In February, 2007, the three sections of Briarwood were merged as one.  Therefore, the Briarwood Civic Association has full responsibility to cite and enforce established covenants and restrictions. 

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Special Reminders!
Homeowner dues for 2010 are made payable to:
Briarwood Civic Association
PO Box 50205
Summerville, SC 29485

Next BCA meeting will be at 7:00pm at the Briarwood Park Pavillion on
Monday, May 17, 2010